The Wheel Of Time

Album April 29, 2002


1. Forgive Me 4:22
2. Footprints 3:43
3. Motivation 4:00
4. I Close My Eyes 4:05
5. Perfect Touch 3:43
6. Silent Running 4:15
7. Such A Shame 4:17
8. Now! 3:59
9. Free Love 4:13
10. Forever 3:44
11. The Wheel Of Time 4:09

Singles from this album:
Forever (October 2001)
Such A Shame (March 2002)

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LATEST (April 29, 2002): The album is released.

International release dates

Chart positions

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May 2002
5 12
Germany (Top 100) 8 23

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Record credits
Released by Virgin
(P) 2002 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG
2002 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG

Song credits
Forgive Me Music and lyrics: Michael Cretu. Publisher: 1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music
Footprints Music and lyrics: Wolfgang Filz/Dawn Schoenherz. Publisher: 1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music/Arabella MV/FMM Publishing
Motivation Music and lyrics: Dave Inker. Publisher: Sony ATV
I Close My Eyes Music: Andy Jonas. Lyrics: Andy Jonas/Michael Cretu. Publisher: Edition N.D.J. Songs/Sony ATV/1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music
Perfect Touch Music: Marc Cassandra/Wolfgang Filz/Heidemarie Jedner. Lyrics: Wolfgang Filz. Publisher: Tyr MV/1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music
Silent Running Music and lyrics: B. A. Robertson/Mike Rutherford. Publisher: Michael Rutherford Ltd./Hit & Run Music Publishing/EMI BAR Music Ltd./Palan Music Publishing
Such A Shame Music and lyrics: Mark David Hollis. Publisher: Hollis Songs Ltd./Universal Music Publishing
Now! Music: Michael Cretu/Jens Gad. Lyrics: Michael Cretu. Publisher: 1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music
Free Love Music and lyrics: Martin Gore. Publisher: Grabbing Hands Ltd./EMI Music Publishing
Forever Music and lyrics: Peter Ries/Wolfgang Filz. Publisher: Arabella MV/FMM Publishing/1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music
The Wheel Of Time Music and lyrics: Michael Cretu/Jens Gad. Publisher: 1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music

Recording details
Recorded: A.R.T. Studios, Ibiza, Spain
Producer: Michael Cretu, Jens Gad
Mastered at: A.R.T. Studios, Ibiza, Spain

Cover art
Artwork: Johann Zambryski
Photograph: Jim Rakete

Discographical details

THE WHEEL OF TIME  -  album April 29, 2002

    CD: Europe (Virgin - 8 11968 2; 7243 8 11968 2 3, CDVIR 174, PM 527)

         4:22  Forgive Me
         3:43  Footprints
         4:00  Motivation
         4:05  I Close My Eyes
         3:43  Perfect Touch
         4:15  Silent Running
         4:17  Such A Shame
         3:59  Now!
         4:13  Free Love
         3:44  Forever
         4:09  The Wheel Of Time

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Media appearances

Interview on God kveld, Norge!, TV 2, Norway, April 20, 2002

Updated May 16, 2002 by Joar Grimstvedt