About the Enigma web page

The first lines of text were put down on May 25, 1994. In the following months I added things like the FAQ, the illustrated discographies, lyrics and samples. Then, on August 29, 1994, the page was announced to the Enigma mailing list and hence 'officially opened'. At the moment the page has had visits from people in more than 80 countries.

Thank yous

The logo that greets you on the main page was done by Geir Friestad (geir-f@hsr.no).

Thanks to Bjarte Oftedal (A5@norway.bbs.no), who took time off in his production of A5 magazines to scan many of the pictures and covers. Other scans by Gavin Stok (gps@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au) and Stephen Sarasin (ssarasin@nyx.cs.du.edu), as well as myself.

Kudos to Gavin Stok (enigma@connexus.apana.org.au) who maintains the Enigma FAQ and the discographies.

Many thanks to May and Pernille at Virgin Records Norway for their help.

Thanks also to those who have written reviews or contributed with articles.


The Enigma web page got a very favourable review in the .net Directory in the March 1995 issue of .net magazine. It was also mentioned in a review of a Quentin Tarantino page in the June 1995 issue.

[Magellan 3-Star site] In January 1996, the Enigma web page was selected as a Magellan 3-Star site, with an accompanying review. The Enigma FAQ has also been reviewed.

[Best Of Campus - July 1996] The Enigma web page received a Best of Campus Award for July 1996 by the Internet Board at MDLink.

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