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Latest news

[so80s 8 album cover] May 3, 2013: Volume 8 of Blank & Jones' so80s compilation series is released. This 3 disc release features extended versions of 1980s pop songs, including Michael Cretu's Gambit in the "Extended Version" (duration 8:01). This song was originally released as a single in 1986, and also appeared on an updated edition of his album The Invisible Man. The inclusion on this new compilation marks perhaps the first time this extended version is available on CD or in digital form.

[so80s Presents Sandra album cover] April 27, 2012: The so80s series, "curated by" Blank & Jones with each release focusing on an artist active in the 1980s, has a new release compiling the singles of Sandra. so80s presents Sandra is a double-disc release containing the singles in extended versions, as well as many instrumental versions and other remixes. Michael Cretu is the original producer of the songs featured (with Armand Volker as co-producer on some), as well as being co-writer of most of the songs.

[so80s presents Hubert Kah album cover] September 2, 2011: The so80s series, "curated" by Blank & Jones with each release focusing on an artist active in the 1980s, has a new release compiling the singles of Hubert Kah. so80s presents Hubert Kah is a double-disc release containing the singles in extended versions, as well as many English language versions and other remixes. Michael Cretu was the original producer of all but the first of Hubert Kah's albums in this period, together with Armand Volker or as the sole produer. Two of the featured song are also co-written by Cretu. The release also contains an interview in which the group members recount how their work with Michael Cretu started.

[MMX (The Social Song) single cover] December 15, 2010: A new single is released, called MMX (The Social Song). The song has been created through a collaborative effort between Michael Cretu and fans across the world, via a special web site. Original vocal tracks have been submitted, the musical style of the song has been voted on, and people have also sent in record cover candidates.

October 13, 2009: A new compilation album is announced, titled The Platinum Collection, with a release date of November 20, 2009. The compilation is a three disc set, with the first disc containing normal songs, the second disc remixes and the third disc containing music so far unreleased. This disc is titled "The Lost Ones" and contains 11 numbered tracks. These tracks are described as Michael Cretu's drafts - musical ideas in the form of sounds and moods which is then developed into Enigma music.

The track listing of the compilation is as follows:

Disc 1: The Greatest Hits

  1. Sadeness (Part I)
  2. Mea Culpa (Orthodox Mix)
  3. Principles Of Lust
  4. The Rivers Of Belief
  5. Return To Innocence
  6. Age Of Loneliness
  7. Out From The Deep
  8. Beyond The Invisible
  9. T.N.T. For The Brain
  10. Gravity Of Love
  11. Push The Limits
  12. Turn Around
  13. Voyageur
  14. Boum-Boum
  15. Following The Sun
  16. Seven Lives
  17. La Puerta Del Cielo

Disc 2: The Remix Collection

  1. Sadeness (Violent U.S. Remix)
  2. Mea Culpa (Fading Shades Mix)
  3. Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix)
  4. Return To Innocence (Long & Alive Version)
  5. Age Of Lonelines (Enigmatic Club Mix)
  6. Out From The Deep (Trance Mix)
  7. T.N.T. For The Brain (Midnight Man Remix)
  8. Gravity Of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix)
  9. Push The Limits (ATB Remix)
  10. Voyageur (Club Mix)
  11. Boum-Boum (Chicane Club Edit)
  12. Dreaming Of Andromeda (Jean F. Cochois Remix)

Disc 3: The Lost Ones

  1. Lost One
  2. Lost Two
  3. Lost Three
  4. Lost Four
  5. Lost Five
  6. Lost Six
  7. Lost Seven
  8. Lost Eight
  9. Lost Nine
  10. Lost Ten
  11. Lost Eleven

On November 6, 2009, a similar compilation by Sandra will be released, also titled The Platinum Collection.
(From Crocodile Music Management)

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