[Magellan 3-Star site] Welcome to this WWW page for Enigma, and for the man behind it - Michael Cretu. Here you'll find a wealth of information on Enigma and Cretu. Sandra, the female voice of Enigma and a recording artist in her own right, has her own web page: Into A Secret Land - The Sandra Homepage.

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[The Fall Of A Rebel Angel album cover] November 11, 2016: Enigma's eighth album is released: The Fall Of A Rebel Angel. The first album since 2008, it "tells the story of a symbolic journey to redemption", with the songs following a "protagonist [who] sets off for development and evolution". The lyrics are written by Michael Kunze, a German lyricist who crossed paths with Michael Cretu also in the early 1980s. As part of the album story are artworks by artist Wolfgang Beltracchi, who painted the cover art as well as a painting for each of the 12 songs. There are several featured vocalists on the album, including Anggun who provides vocals on the album's first single Sadeness (Part II). Deluxe editions of the album contain a second disc with narrations of the story in English, Spanish and French, with music backgrounds. A "super deluxe edition" also includes a signed picture frame and exclusive online content.

[MCMXC a.D. album cover] December 3, 2015: This date marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Enigma's first album: MCMXC a.D.. The album became a worldwide success, reaching Top 10 in several charts including the UK and the US. The first single from the album was Sadeness (Part I), released a few weeks earlier, which topped the charts in over 20 countries, including the UK and Enigma's home country of Germany. A total of four singles were released from the album. One year later, a special edition of the album was released, with extra bonus tracks in the form of remixes taken from the singles.

To commemorate the anniversary, Enigma's web site is launching the event "Enigma Moments", where people can share their memories and experiences of Enigma's music. At the same time, creation of the next and eighth Enigma album is well underway, and information on the progress is posted on Enigma's Facebook page.

August 29, 2014: The Enigma website is 20 years! On August 29, 1994 this website was announced to the Enigma mailing list, with work having been started in May that year. It was the first Enigma site on the web - the next one would appear one year later. It's also the longest-running Enigma website, with a news archive going back to 1994, covering the releases from Enigma's second album. The site has basically the same appearance today as it had when it started. The web site originally had the address http://www.hsr.no/~joarg/Enigma.html, then http://www.stud.his.no/~joarg/Enigma.html from November 1995 and finally the current http://www.five.no/enigma/ from February 1998.

In the last years it has been relatively quiet from Enigma, with the latest album being released in 2008 (Seven Lives Many Faces) and the latest release being the song MMX (The Social Song) from December 2010. The website also covers other work by Michael Cretu, and in the last years there's been compilations released by Sandra (his ex-wife) and Hubert Kah with music that Cretu produced or co-wrote, mainly from the 1980s.

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Discography for Enigma, in plain ASCII. Maintained by Gavin Stok. Also get the ASCII version of the discography for Michael Cretu.
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Samples of some of the Enigma songs.
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Reviews of music by Dao Dezi, Delerium, Enchanted, Mike Oldfield and Sacred Spirit, as well as links to relevant web pages.
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