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November 28, 1994: After a 10 day shut-down, the Enigma web page is now available again! Take a look at the page history to see what new items have been added.

November 18, 1994: Out From The Deep - November 1994:
[CD: Virgin - D: 8 92691 2, UK: DINSD 141, F: PM 515]

1. Radio Edit (4:27)
2. Rock Version (6:44)
3. Trance Mix (168BPM) (5:49)
4. Short Radio Edit (3:30)
Note: thin jewel box, cover has black background and the "person" from the cover of the Cross of Changes; disc is black with white print.
(From John N. Underwood,
A review is available.

November 17, 1994: Here is the track listing for the Limited Edition of The CROSS of Changes:
Tracks 1-9: As per normal album
Extra tracks:

1. Return to Innocence [Long & Alive Version]
2. Age of Loneliness [Enigmatic Club Mix]
3. The EYES of Truth [Gotterdammerung Mix]
This is the order the tracks were read out to me, but I am unsure if this is the order in which they'll appear on the CD.
(From Gavin Stok,
Read about this release here.

October 27, 1994: The release date for the special edition of The CROSS Of Changes has been put back by a week. The release date is now November 21. This is for Europe, Australia will most likely get it before the end of the year. I don't know about the US.

The album will contain the regular tracks, plus remixes from the singles, so no new remixes, shame. The cover is identical to the one for the regular album, but this time the android figure is painted in gold rather than yellow. Apart from that the cover is identical.

October 19, 1994: The "Limited Edition" version of The CROSS Of Changes, similar to the one for MCMXC a.D., will be out on November 14th. With a special packing and appearance, it will feature the tracks from the original album, along with several NEW remixes. The album will most definetely be released in Europe, but it is uncertain whether the US or other parts of the world will see a release. An Australian release is likely.

Out From The Deep is also confirmed as the new single, but no date is given, although it is likely that it will be released after the "Limited Edition" album.

October 5, 1994: In the UK a special edition of this single appeared. Similar to The Eyes Of Truth "Singles Collection" it features tracks from the previous singles, and a has a special packaging. Also issued in the UK is a 12" picture disc.

August 19, 1994: The third single from The CROSS Of Changes was released in Europe on August 8. In Australia and the US it was released on August 22/23. The track is Age Of Loneliness, and is a slightly reworked version of Carly's Song, the theme song from the film Sliver. Details of the differences between these two versions can be found in the FAQ.

Carly's Song was released in Australia last year. This release included the Jam & Spoon Remix, which you'll also find on the new release. In addition, there are two new remixes by Jens Gad and Michael Cretu. Read more about the single in the review.

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