Single September 29, 2003


1. Voyageur (Radio Edit) 3:53
2. Voyageur (Club Mix) 6:21
3. Voyageur (Chillout Mix) 4:52
4. Voyageur (Dance Mix) 5:29

From the album: Voyageur (September 2003)

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Latest (October 13, 2003): Following The Sun will be used in the promotional trailer for the German TV movie "Das Wunder von Lengede". Radio play for the song will start October 17.
(Source: Crocodile Music Management)

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Record credits
Released by Virgin
(P) 2003 Virgin Music
2003 Virgin Music

Song credits
Voyageur Music: Michael Cretu/Jens Gad. Lyrics: Michael Cretu. Publisher: 1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music

Michael Cretu Arranger, performer
Jens Gad Arranger, performer

Recording details
Recorded at: A.R.T. Studios, Ibiza, Spain
Engineer: Michael Cretu, Jens Gad
Producer: Michael Cretu
Mastered at: A.R.T. Studios, Ibiza, Spain

Cover art
Design: Lmp

Discographical details

VOYAGEUR  -  single September 29, 2003

   CDM: Germany (Virgin - 547842; 7243 547842 4, PM 514)

         3:53  Voyageur  (Radio Edit)
         6:21  Voyageur  (Club Mix)
         4:52  Voyageur  (Chillout Mix)
         5:29  Voyageur  (Dance Mix)

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