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Michael's Mystical Music (Verdens Gang, December 19, 1990)
A brief look at Michael Cretu and what Enigma is all about

"Sadeness" Tops On Euro Charts (Billboard, January 26, 1991)
Small sized article about the popularity of "Sadeness" on the European charts, and some reactions to the single

New On The Charts (Billboard, February 16, 1991)
Small sized article about "Sadeness" and some issues around the press release of the album

Cretu's Credo: Being Unique Can Bring Great "Sadeness" (Billboard, May 18, 1991)
Medium sized article about the new album, containing an interview with Michael Cretu

"Sadeness" Creator Settles Sample Suit (Billboard, September 14, 1991)
Medium sized article discussing the legal issues around Enigma and it's use of samples

The CROSS Of Changes

ENIGMA -- The Answer (Music Mag, January 1994)
Lengthy article about Michael Cretu, where he works, the recording of "The CROSS of Changes" and more

Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

Enigma 3: Austrian radio interview (Austria 3, October 11, 1996)
Short radio interview in conjunction with the new single Beyond The Invisible. Michael Cretu talks about the work on the third Enigma album and what he feels about performing concerts


Interpretations of "Mea Culpa"
Interpretations of the lyrics to Mea Culpa.

EXCLUSIVE! Cretu answers our questions.... (Gavin Stok (Enigma mailing list president), April 19, 1995)
Answers to questions and unique information on the future of Enigma - directly from Michael Cretu and his manager.

Beyond The Invisible single cover analysis (Alan O. Wong, November 16, 1996)
An analysis of the Beyond The Invisible single cover and its art/architectural connections

TV appearances

Enigma on ARD (Germany), January 14, 1995 (Hartmut Keller, January 16, 1995)
In this 25 minute programme we are taken to Michael Cretu's home and studio on the island of Ibiza, Spain. We see him at work in the studio, hear him talk about the Enigma project and see a couple of the Enigma videos.

Press infos

Enigma: MCMXC a.D. (December 1990)
Michael Cretu discusses his motives for and the background of the first Enigma album, as well as the Enigma project itself.

Enigma 2 - The CROSS Of Changes (December 1993)
Gives a rundown on the Enigma project, and includes a timeline on Michael Cretu and a list of chart positions and sales trophies for the previous album and Sadeness single.

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