Gravity Of Love

Single November 22, 1999


1. Gravity Of Love (Radio Edit)
2. Gravity Of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix)
3. Gravity Of Love (Dark Vocal Club Mix)

From the album: The Screen Behind The Mirror (January 2000)

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LATEST (November 22, 1999): The single is released.

International release dates

Chart positions

The following table lists the positions for the single in selected charts. The dates given indicate for which week (ending date) the position applies.

December 1999
5 12 19 26
Germany (Top 100) 65 91 69 98

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Record credits
Released by Virgin
(P) 1999 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH
1999 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH

Song credits
Gravity Of Love Music and lyrics: Michael Cretu. Publisher: 1-2-3 Music/Crocodile Music/Schott Musik International

Michael Cretu Performer
Jens Gad Performer
Ruth-Ann, Olive Vocals

Recording details
Recorded: A.R.T. Studios, Ibiza, Spain
Engineer: Michael Cretu, Jens Gad
Producer: Michael Cretu

Discographical details

GRAVITY OF LOVE  -  single November 22, 1999

   CDM: Europe (Virgin - VGP 000 269)            <promo>

         3:56  Gravity Of Love

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Video information

Director: Thomas Job
Location: Vienna, Austria

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