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December 14, 1999: Virgin Germany have confirmed the artists to be featured on the new Enigma album: Elisabeth Houghton, Sandra, Ruth-Ann, Andru Donalds and Michael Cretu. There will also be an "official web site" for the new album in January, which will be interactive similar to the one for the previous album. Finally, there won't be any interviews by Michael Cretu for the new album.
(From Martyn Woolley,

November 30, 1999: In Italy, The Screen Behind The Mirror will be released in a digipak edition as well as in a regular jewel case edition. This should apply to releases in other countries as well.
(From Stefano Trentadue,

November 21, 1999: Virgin have now an "official" track list for the new album, which has a couple of minor changes from the one revealed earlier. Among these are the fact that the last two songs have switched places, and that the album now has a title track. Additionally, the album has now been completed and delivered to the record company.
(From Martyn Woolley,

November 9, 1999: The web site of Toshiba-EMI, Enigma's record company in Japan, has some news: The video for Gravity Of Love has just been shot, in Vienna, Austria. It has an atmosphere of SM/bondage fashion, with a setting of end-of-the-century in Europe. The track listing of the new album, The Screen Behind The Mirror, is also revealed:

  1. The Gate
  2. Push The Limits
  3. Gravity Of Love
  4. Smell Of Desire
  5. Modern Crusaders
  6. Endless Quest
  7. The Experience
  8. Camera Obscura
  9. Without Title
  10. Silence Must Be Heard
  11. Between Mind & Heart
The album is listed for release in Japan on January 13, 2000.
(From Kunihiro Shinjyo,

November 3, 1999: Fast approaching the release of the new Enigma single, a review is now available, featuring an excerpt of the song.

October 31, 1999: The Gravity Of Love single will be in released in the following formats: 3 track jewel case, 2 track jewel or pouch, and mini cassette. The album has not yet been completed and is still in production. Jens Gad appears on the album as engineer and performer.
(From Martyn Woolley,

October 30, 1999: Virgin Japan reports that a large-scale dress ball will be held in Berlin in January 2000. The artwork of the album will see a picture of a woman with a mask, with the atmosphere of the ball.
(From Kunihiro Shinjyo,

October 14, 1999: The track listing for the new single Gravity Of Love is as follows:

  1. Gravity Of Love (Radio Edit)
  2. Gravity Of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix)
  3. Gravity Of Love (Dark Vocal Club Mix)
The master has arrived to Virgin, and the single is thus ready for production. The artwork for the single and album has again been done by Johann Zambryski.
(From Martyn Woolley,

October 12, 1999: The world-wide release date for The Screen Behind The Mirror is now confirmed by Virgin Germany to be January 17, 2000.
(From Martyn Woolley,

October 11, 1999: Virgin Germany and Enigma's manager both confirm that the title of the fourth Enigma album is indeed The Screen Behind The Mirror. The album is still planned for release in January 2000, probably in the latter half of that month. Andru Donalds and Ruth-Ann Boyle will be featured, though Donna Lewis' appearance has not been confirmed.

The release of the single Gravity Of Love will be on November 15.
(From Martyn Woolley,

October 8, 1999: A Canadian online record store has a listing for an Enigma record titled "The Screen Behind The Mirror" and with a release date of January 2000, suggesting that this in fact is the name of the fourth Enigma album.
(From Maria,

September 30, 1999: The singer on the upcoming Enigma single Gravity Of Love will be Ruth-Ann Boyle, vocalist of Olive.
(From Stefano Trentadue,

September 24, 1999: Virgin Music Italy reports that the first single from the upcoming fourth Enigma album will be called Gravity Of Love. A release date of November 15 has been mentioned, but this is very tentative and may change.
(From Stefano Trentadue,

August 23, 1999: The release of the second Andru Donalds single Simple Obsession has been delayed by a week, the new release date is thus August 30.
(From Stefan Lehmann,

August 9, 1999: Virgin Germany have set the fourth Enigma album up for a release in January 2000. A reason for this small delay is unknown, with the album still being "in production".
(From Martyn Woolley,

August 5, 1999: The new Andru Donalds single will have the following track listing:

  1. Radio Edit
  2. Deep Cutz Club Mix
  3. Summer Breeze Club Mix
  4. Eivissa Dub Vocal Mix
  5. Pop 2 Pop Mix
  6. Deep Cutz Radio Edit
  7. Summer Breeze Radio Edit
The release date of August 23 is still tentative.
(From Martyn Woolley,

August 4, 1999: A new single by Andru Donalds is scheduled for release in Germany on August 23. The song featured is Simple Obsession, and the single will have a catalogue number of 7243 896223 24-558.
(From Martyn Woolley,

July 16, 1999: On July 26, Enigma's first album MCMXC a.D. will be released as part of a Virgin "More Music" campaign in Europe. The album will be a special release, consisting of the original, regular album with a bonus CD featuring the remixes from the Sadeness and Mea Culpa singles. More specifically, the six remixes will be Meditation Mix, Extended Trance Mix and Violent US Remix of Sadeness, and Fading Shades Mix, Orthodox Version and Catholic Version of Mea Culpa.
(From Martyn Woolley,

June 18, 1999: The Andru Donalds album Snowing Under My Skin will be released in all of the European countries as well as in Japan in the beginning of July.
(From Martyn Woolley,

June 14, 1999: Andru Donalds, whose new album Michael Cretu has produced, reveals in an interview that he will appear on the fourth Enigma album.
(From Martyn Woolley, / Thomas Henz,

May 25, 1999: Andru Donalds' album Snowing Under My Skin is released, produced by Michael Cretu.

May 14, 1999: Andru Donalds will be making a 3 week tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland to promote the new album and single, starting next week.
(From Martyn Woolley,

April 19, 1999: The Andru Donalds album Snowing Under My Skin will have original songs written by Andru Donalds, Michael Cretu and Jens Gad.
(From Martyn Woolley,

April 14, 1999: Andru Donalds' Snowing Under My Skin album now has a release date of May 25, 1999.
(From Martyn Woolley,

April 13, 1999: The release date for the upcoming Andru Donalds album Snowing Under My Skin has been moved from April 19, 1999 to the beginning of May 1999.
(From Stefano Trentadue,

March 29, 1999: Andru Donalds will be released in other countries than Germany, including USA, later this year.
(From Martyn Woolley,

March 22, 1999: The first single from Andru Donalds' album Snowing Under My Skin, produced by Michael Cretu, is released: All Out Of Love, a cover of a song originally done by the Australian group Air Supply in 1980.

March 16, 1999: The remixes of the upcoming Andru Donalds single All Out Of Love are done by Trance Atlantic Air Waves. The single has three remixes in addition to the radio edit.
(From Martyn Woolley,

March 8, 1999: The catalogue number for the Andru Donalds single All Out Of Love will be 895 731 2. The video for the single was shot in Almerķa, Spain in December 1998, with Michael Cretu present for the 3 day shoot.
(From Martyn Woolley,

March 6, 1999: Tubular Web, a web site on Mike Oldfield, reports that Oldfield might play in the next Enigma album.
(From Per Terje Aune,

March 1, 1999: The single All Out Of Love by Andru Donalds, produced by Michael Cretu, will be released on March 22, 1999. Donalds appeared on German TV on February 27 singing the song.
(From Martyn Woolley,

January 31, 1999: The Eyes Of Truth is used in the trailer for the movie "The Matrix".
(From Marisa,

January 26, 1999: There are no reasons to believe that a collaboration of Max Fadeev for the next Enigma album will go through.
(From Martyn Woolley,

January 13, 1999: Another possible collaborator for the next Enigma album has surfaced: Max Fadeev, a Russian singer and composer. He and Michael Cretu are said to have made some tracks for the upcoming album.
(From Ivan Proskurin,

January 10, 1999: Earlier it has been reported that "international artists" are involved in the making of the next Enigma album. It now seems that Donna Lewis may be one of these. She will work with Cretu on the album and be featured on it, she has said to fans.

Prior to the release of the previous Enigma album, there were talks of outside collaborations, and Maria McKee said in an interview that she had been asked to contribute (as had Jon Anderson, apparently). These didn't come to fruition then.

Since three Enigma albums have been completed, and a box set released to sum up this, Cretu may have planned a change of direction for the next album. The third album was said to be the child of the two first, so this may be natural.
(From Aaron Alper, / Joar Grimstvedt,

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