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December 22, 1998: Michael Cretu has been producing an album for Andru Donalds, an artist originally from Kingston, Jamaica. His earlier albums are Andru Donalds and Dammed If I Dont. He had a hit in Europe with Mishale in 1995. A single and an album will be scheduled for release in the first quarter of 1999.
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November 10, 1998: The Trilogy box set will be released in France and Switzerland on December 8, 1998.
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November 4, 1998: Earlier reports of a release date of the fourth Enigma album at the beginning of 1999 were just rumours. It has never been scheduled for such a date, and Michael Cretu is still working on the album. Virgin have provisionally scheduled it for release in late 1999, which would follow the pattern of other Enigma albums being three years apart.
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September 28, 1998: The Trilogy box set will be released in the UK on November 2, 1998.
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September 7, 1998: Virgin Germany confirms that they will release the Trilogy box set again in December 1998. It will only be available through the mail order catalogue Weltbild.

The release of a third Enigma single, The Roundabout, will not go through, and the DJ Quicksilver remix which was made for the song is not expected to see the light of day.
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August 9, 1998: A little bit more is known about the coming Enigma album:

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August 8, 1998: The manager of Enigma has said that Enigma 4 will be released in February 1999. This album will be completely different from the first three. The release date has not been confirmed by Virgin Records.
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July 13, 1998: The third single by Trance Atlantic Air Waves from The Energy Of Sound is released: Crockett's Theme, featuring two different remixes and two edits.

June 16, 1998: The release date for Trance Atlantic Air Waves' Crockett's Theme single has been pushed back by one week, to July 13, 1998.
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May 29, 1998: Reports of a release of Enigma 4 are being mentioned in a US record store chain. The release is listed for July or August, though more likely it would be October or even closer to Christmas before it would appear. No other details is put forward.
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May 12, 1998: The third single from Trance Atlantic Air Waves, Crockett's Theme, will be released on July 6 in Europe, featuring remixes by Killerloop.
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April 22, 1998: Virgin Germany reports that the third Trance Atlantic Air Waves single will be Crockett's Theme, with a planned release at the end of May. Sales of the album are doing fine, but not as good as for Enigma. No press interviews will be given by Michael Cretu on this project.

On Enigma, no new single or video compilation are planned. Sales of the Trilogy box set in Germany are doing fine.

The video shoot mentioned earlier was for another, unrelated Virgin artist.
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April 10, 1998: The special three-piece Enigma box set - Trilogy - is released. Only available in Germany, through a TV campaign, it contains Enigma's three first albums in their regular editions.

April 7, 1998: The album by Trance Atlantic Air Waves - The Energy Of Sound - will be released in the USA in the "summertime". The third single, which was planned for release on March 23, has now been postponed to a later date. Virgin Germany have not confirmed that it will be Crockett's Theme.

There has recently been a video shoot in Venice, Italy, but whether the video is for a new single by Trance Atlantic Air Waves or by Enigma is unknown.
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March 18, 1998: Revised release date for Crockett's Theme, the third single from Trance Atlantic Air Waves; it will be out on March 23 in Germany.
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[The Energy Of Sound album cover] March 16, 1998: The Energy Of Sound by Trance Atlantic Air Waves is released. The album features seven cover recordings of classic instrumental hits, and three new songs by Michael Cretu and Jens Gad.

March 9, 1998: Virgin Germany now has a release date for the Trilogy box set. It will be available from April 10, but only through "direct TV response", and only in Germany. The box set will contain the original three Enigma albums, and the packaging is designed by Johann Zambryski, Enigma art director.

[Chase single cover] February 2, 1998: The second single from Michael Cretu's Trance Atlantic Air Waves project is released: Chase, a cover of Giorgio Moroder's soundtrack song from "Midnight Express". The single features remixes by two external artists, DJ Quicksilver and Nalin & Kane.

This single was released as a 12" vinyl on December 15, 1997.

January 12, 1998: Contrary to the information in Virgin Germany's newsletter, the release of a third single from Enigma is still not decided on, according to Virgin Germany.
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January 6, 1998: More releases are afoot for Trance Atlantic Air Waves, when a third single is released on March 2, 1998. The single this time is Crockett's Theme, Jan Hammer's celebrated song from the TV series "Miami Vice".

The album to be released on March 16, 1998 will be called The Energy Of Sound, and feature more cover recordings of synth instrumentals. It will contain the following tracks:

  1. Lucifer
  2. Axel F.
  3. Dance With The Devil
  4. Crockett's Theme
  5. Addiction Day
  6. Magic Fly
  7. Midnight Express
  8. Twelve After Darkness
  9. L-42
  10. Pulstar
Information courtesy of Virgin Norway.
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On January 5, 1998, Enigma was announced as one of the nominees for the American GRAMMY Awards, in the category "Best New Age Album" (for Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!). The album also saw another nomination in the category "Best Recording Package", to Johann Zambryski, the art director. The awards will be presented on February 25, 1998.
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January 5, 1998: In a newsletter from Virgin Germany, "Presse-News No. 32" (December edition), the new single from Enigma is listed for release on February 9, 1998, and it will be The Roundabout.

The catalogue number for Trance Atlantic Air Waves' Chase single is also listed: 7243 894815 25-558.
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